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Feb 27

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Clicking “Post”

1. Is This beneficial to my audience?

A lot of times it’s easy to get carried away with posting content that may not contain much value to your audience. You have to be weary of over-posting and loading yourself up on how much you post each day/week. When you run out of ideas and content to post, you struggle to find good, clear content and can then be left with invaluable information in your posts, which in turn does not help your audience.

2. Am I being  Authentic?

Is what you are posting lining up with your brand’s values and what your brand stands for? Posting original content that aligns with who you are as a brand and what you want your audience to gain from is important. You must be transparent and honest with your audience as well as knowledgeable about each thing you post about so that you can be confident when someone leaves a comment or asks a question. 

3. Does this match the platform I am posting to?

Each social media platform is different, so your content and writing format is going to be different as well. Facebook posts can be longer in text because it is a platform for sharing longer stories and information. Twitter on the other hand is limited in characters—although they added more—it’s still not heavily text based and is used for short blurbs of information and updates. Instagram is photo-based, so there is barely going to be any text besides a brief caption. Understanding your social platforms and how to post to each is important in creating engaging content for your brand.