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A digital world. 365 Sport is passionate about rugby and lacrosse. Their business was born out of dedication and commitment for quality gear. Conveying product knowledge and information to customers in a relevant format is vital to their business – which is where Madak stepped in, bringing their products to life and delivering the content right where 365 Sport customers spend their time – on social media.



Social Media



All catalogs for merchandise were only in printed form, a medium their clients were accustomed to – Madak needed to not only make the catalog digital but also engaging for their audience.  


Customer engagement required a detailed understanding of the clientele, knowledge of rugby and lacrosse and the appropriate communication channels to have an impactful message.  


Madak decided the solution to interactive customer engagement was to transition the catalog from print to a creative video format – bringing each merchandise item to life.  Once this living and breathing catalog was created, the inspiration carried over into social media platforms building a database of followers to interact with and encourage to purchase and products.