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Sep 11

5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Your Customers

  1. Choose a Responsive Template

If you design your own website make sure that the template you choose works on a phone or tablet. In 2017 not only should your website work well on a phone but it should look good too. Expectations for DIY web design are at an all-time high because there are so many great websites out there. If you are designing your own website, I recommend Squarespace because the templates are incredible and responsive to fit a phone or tablet. A lot of the templates even allow you to make design changes specifically for the mobile version of your site.

  1. Add CTAs (Calls-to-Action)

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have CTAs on your site and in your social media posts. Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase click-through rate by 285%. (AdRoll) Emails with a single CTA increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%. (WordStream) Imagine the potential your site has to increase leads and sales by adding simple CTAs like “Sign Up”, “Get Started” and “Shop Now”.

  1. Reduce Form Fields

No one likes to give out a lot of personal information – let alone sit there for 20 minutes doing it. Make it easy for customers to contact you by reducing the amount of form fields you require to be filled out.

  1. Add Links to Social

And make sure they work properly. It benefits you and your business if customers follow you on social media – so make it easy for them to do so. You can even add a CTA like “Follow Me” to catch people’s eye and encourage them to support your business by liking your Facebook page. Give customers a reason to follow your business on social media. Maybe you release new products on social first which gives someone who is interested in your products exclusive access to see what’s new before everyone else. The same goes for your newsletter.

  1. Run Through It Yourself

Test every part of your website before it goes public. Make sure forms get through to the right place, that your shopping cart works, and that every link works properly. Nothing makes you look less professional than having a client tell you that a feature on your site doesn’t work. You may even lose that customer without ever hearing any feedback! Like I mentioned before, expectations are high even for small business owners.