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Jul 13

7 Types of Social Media Content


A lot of times a content schedule is heavily constrained by time and budget. The idea of hiring a company to design an entire marketing campaign can seem daunting, however, with technology constantly advancing comes more options and lower prices. Photography, for example, used to be a luxury industry dominated by a few major artists but in 2017, there are tons of photographers within a 30 mile radius that range to fit any budget (and your phone can take photos that are pretty great quality). The trick to getting the most for your budget is talking to experts. Madak is a team of experts that can help you. Whether it’s something we can do in-house or if it’s just a matter of connecting you to the right people, we are here to solve your marketing problems.

If you are in need of some new types of content, here are 7 types of social media content that are all customizable based on your budget:

  • Video Clips
  • You can create video clips with anything from a professional camera to a cell phone. Boomerang is an app created for Instagram that is a great way to make a video post out of very little movement. Movement is an important aspect of capturing your followers attention while they are scrolling through their feed. Keep in mind that your video starts to move as soon as your followers see it, but the audio isn’t on until they decide they want to listen to it. If you are creating videos with important spoken content, be sure to add captions. Facebook has a new feature that allows you to add captions while you’re uploading the video which takes away the need to purchase expensive editing software if you are looking to create quick, inexpensive videos.
  • GIFs
  • An easy and attention grabbing type content is a GIF. My favorite feature of gifs is that on most platforms the clip will loop instead of stopping at the end (meaning it will play over and over again). You can create a gif from a mp4 file by using It is also a great site to find already made gifs. If you search any keyword Giphy will give you tons of related GIF content. The drawback to using gifs is that Instagram doesn’t accept that type of file so you need to use an mp4 file if you plan on posting it on Instagram.
  • Graphic Quotes
  • Taking an inspirational saying and making it into an image is a great way to switch up your content. Graphic quotes can keep your content interesting if you typically use mostly photography. Canva is a great resource for turning written content into visual content. It provides options for preset dimensions and customizable templates.
  • Blogs
  • Writing blogs is an important type of content to add to your schedule. The first benefit or  having a blog on your website and post regularly is it boosts your site’s SEO. Each post gives you an opportunity to use trending keywords that you can find using Google Trends. The second benefit is directing posts on social media platforms to your blog helps increase site traffic. Lastly, when used properly, blogs establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Behind the Scenes
  • This content can include pictures around the office, timelapses of a project from start to finish, and visual content of your work process. This is a great type of content to connect in a genuine way with your followers.
  • Testimonials
  • Never underestimate the power of third party endorsement. Creating posts with reviews you have received on Google, Facebook or any other platform will help shine a positive light to your business. You can create visual content with testimonials the same way you would create graphic quotes on Canva.  
  • Professional Photos
  • The power of quality photography can make or break your business. There is a time and place for photos you take on your phone but the value of photography goes beyond social media. A well strategized campaign can give you enough content for an entire website, up to a year’s worth of social media posting content and updated cover photos across all platforms. However to make the most of this type of content it is important to have a strategy and make sure you know what dimensions you need. If you are struggling with this you can reach out to Madak for help with a marketing strategy.