A/B Testing Benefits and Tips


A/B testing is an experiment with two variants, A and B, against one another.  It is a way of testing two versions of something, typically by measuring responses to each variant and testing which of the variants is more effective for a given conversion goal. 

An A/B test works by modifying something such as a headline, body text, or creative in an email, webpage, or digital ad to create a second version. It’s set up so that half of your audience is shown one version, and half is shown the other so that you can learn which has a higher conversion rate.


A/B testing can be a powerful tool to increase your conversion rates in any marketing campaign. In fact, a simple A/B test helped Obama raise 60 million in donations by testing the creative and the button text. Of course, this is on a very large scale, so you must be wondering if this is even worth it for your business. 

The caveat here is that it can be much harder for a small to medium-sized business to A/B test without a significant amount of traffic coming to the website since you need a certain amount of results in order to accurately declare a winner. So, if you don’t have enough conversions happening it can take ages to declare a winner. This is not to say that you shouldn’t A/B test if you have a small business, but it should be done differently. 

For the case of small to midsize businesses with a small budget, you should do emotional testing instead of behavioral testing (Text, call-to-action buttons) Emotional testing derives from one of the most basic fundamentals of marketing and psychology: People are irrational beings and our decision-making process is almost entirely emotional. With emotional testing, you are learning about how the colors, layout, and value statement impact the user experience. 

Start by getting to know your customers by creating buyer personas and taking a deep dive into your Google Analytics to try to learn how your users are currently using the website. Instead of telling visitors how great your product or service can be for them, show it to them with images, colors, and headlines. When making and testing changes, focus on these elements, and put an emphasis value over features & benefits and learn about how different emotional triggers impact your conversion rates.