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Aug 25

A Small Business Guide to Paid Ads

Before you spend money on social media advertising, it’s important to be able to define what your business is. Take time to come up with a single sentence that defines your business in a powerful way. “A thousand songs in your pocket” was the single powerful sentence that Steve Jobs used the day the iPod came out. In one sentence, capture your audience and make consumers curious to learn more about your product.

Once you have your company slogan start building your campaign. Every business is different and coming up with a campaign that is successful can take a lot of trial and error. This is where agencies like Madak come in. If you hire the right company it can save you a lot of mistakes and money but if you’re on a DIY budget, take a look at the format options for the type of ads you can create. This may give you a better idea of what type of content you need to create.



Paid Ads are exactly what they sound like, advertisement that you pay for. The main benefit of Paid Ads compared to regular posting is that you increase your reach.

There are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook) and 250 million daily users on Instagram (By the Numbers) and your small business should be taking advantage of that. With Facebook and Instagram having the same owners, the new Facebook Ads Manager is combined with Instagram. Utilizing Facebook Ads Manager for your Instagram ads allows you to customize your Instagram ad beyond boosting your post.

Boost vs Ads Manager

The difference between boosting a post and building an ad in Facebook Ads Manager is in the targeting details. Boosting a post is a great option if you have a post that is performing exceptionally well. You can use basic targeting like age, location and gender when you boost a post but it is nothing compared to the targeting you can do in Facebook Ads Manager.

If you have a specific demographic that you want to target or if don’t have a post that performing especially well then Facebook Ads Manager is your best option for both Facebook and Instagram.

Design an ad on Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook does a great job of walking you through the process of creating ads by explaining each step in a comprehensive way. The first step is to choose an objective. The main two objectives that I’ve used in previous campaigns are Traffic and Conversions. Use Traffic if you’re looking to send as many people as possible to your website. It also helps increase SEO. Conversions helps track how many people are actually buying something on your website compared to the overall traffic you are receiving.

Once you choose your objective, you are taken to a page that allows you to really customize your ad.

The first half of options on the next page is all about your target audience. Customizing your ‘Audience’ to fit with your target demographic will decide who will see your ad. It’s important to be specific because each person you reach is a potential customer and your target audience is much more likely to buy.

Something to note about this page is the Placements option. This allows you to control whether or not you post on Instagram as well as Facebook.

The rest of the page is all about your budget. How much it is and what you’re paying for. You can customize your budget per day or an overall, lifetime budget for the ad. If your budget is tight, it’s better to spend a little less because, in my experience, Facebook can run a little over budget versus under.

You can then choose Optimization for Ad Destination. You get 3 options: Link Clicks, Impressions or Unique Daily Reach. My default is always Link Clicks because at the very least you benefit from the SEO of a new person visiting your website.

 The last step is to design your ad.

Facebook walks you through design options including formatting, destination links and content.

After your ad design is complete, all that’s left is to post it. There is a brief hold that Facebook puts on the ad so that their team can review it and make sure that it fits within Facebook and Instagram community guidelines. Once your ad is posted you can easily keep track of it’s performance and review analytics through Facebook Ads Manager. It’s important to keep an eye on your ad while it’s running because if the ad is not performing well, you can edit the content. On the other hand, if you ad is performing exceptionally well, you can increase the budget to increase the ads reach.