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Mar 24

Adding Links to Instagram Stories

If you follow influencers or celebrities on Instagram, you’ll often see them linking to other pages from their stories. When tapping through stories, you will typically see some text that says to “swipe up for more details,” or “swipe up to shop”— something along those lines. This feature used to only be available for accounts that were verified, but Instagram is now allowing any user with 10,000 or more followers to add this element to their posts. This tool is a great way to get around the “link is in the bio” problem faced by many accounts.

If you have an Instagram account with 10,000+ followers, here is how you can add links to your story:


1. Add a story

Start by taking a photo, video, boomerang, or uploading a photo from your camera roll. After you have done that, there is a link icon on the top that is next to the sticker icon—the one where you can choose your location, the current temperature or time, etc.—click the link icon.  



2. Add URL

After you have clicked on the link icon at the top, there will be a box where you can enter in the specific link you want your followers to be directed to. After that, click “done” at the top right corner.


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3. Call to Action

Once you have your link applied, you will want to inform your followers of the link and tell them to “swipe up” for more information. If you have a link inserted into your story without informing your followers, they will skip past it because they were not aware that you wanted them to take action to follow the link. This is important because the link button is not very noticeable.


This is a great tool to increase the online presence of your own business or brand, adding links to your stories is a good way to drive traffic to your website or product. Links make it easier for you and your followers to be immediately directed to more information.