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Feb 20

Benefits of Creating a Brand Video

Video is More Engaging

We are all familiar with the traditional ads that are on billboards and posters, but static images don’t have the ability to really grab people’s attention as well anymore. Today, consumers are watching more video content than ever. This is because in such a fast pace world, people want quick and easily digestible information. With video, you are able to capture your audience’s attention by showing and telling at the same time. People want to see moving visuals and what is going to happen within the story you are telling in your video.  




Can Relay Emotion

With video you are able to create something that people can connect with on an emotional level. Sure, you might know the demographics of your target audience, age, profession, etc. that can explain a little bit about who they are, but do you know their psychographics? Psychographics dive a little deeper into personal characteristics. When you can understand what makes people feel, you can take that and create something that your audience can relate to. When you are able to connect with your market on a deeper level in such a way, you will have stronger, loyal consumers coming back for more.




Encourages Social Shares

In today’s age, it’s no surprise that video consumption is through the roof. Videos are easy to watch and a very easy medium to share. When people watch something they like, they are likely to share it with their friends and family and repost the video on their own social media, which in return gets even more exposure because that video then has the ability to be shared on someone else’s social platform. With more videos and sharing happening, your brand video has a chance to make its way around the internet and be shared and liked by hundreds, even thousands of people just because of word-of-mouth and how sharing can spread like a wildfire. 




Visually Appealing

Watching a video is more fun than reading long text or looking at a static page. It doesn’t give people much to work with and can be boring. Video has the ability to combine audio and visuals together to simulate an experience and evoke a response. People can visually see what your brand is about and see your product or service in action. When you take the time to create a well thought out video, it shows that you cared to take the time to create consumable content for your audience that they will enjoy.   




Can Tell Your Story

Videos can help tell your brand’s story. It invites people in to experience and see what you have to offer without physically being there. By combining visuals and sound, you are able to create a better relationship with your audience because the human expressions, voice, and music can evoke feelings in people. Videos have a lot of power, so telling it the right way can have a significant impact on your target market.