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What began as a philanthropic event center is burgeoning into a multi-faceted adventure destination providing unique experiences, products, and services. With a dream this big, Arrowhead Ranch needed help creating a brand that supports each arm of the business – while remaining cohesive to the overall vision.


Identify the Value

The Arrowhead Ranch project was all about organization and planning for the future. We developed a system to support the growth of Arrowhead Ranch, as well as the development of sub-brands, ensuring that each had their own distinct identity within the parent-brand.


Articulate the Message

Drawing from the ranch owners’ passion for the ranch and the local community, we crafted an authentic brand story to reflect the owners’ desire that everyone who visits the ranch be safe, have fun, and dream big. Using this as our inspiration, we developed a brand identity that allowed for cohesive expansion over the coming years.


Motivate the Consumer

Creating one voice for the Arrowhead Ranch was crucial to maintaining cohesion throughout the sub-brands. We streamlined the existing marketing platforms – making them stronger and more clear to consumers.


Track the Conversions

This was the first year Arrowhead Ranch’s Soap Box Derby ran out of spots for drivers, which is a testament to the gaining popularity achieved through outreach and brand awareness. This is only the beginning, as Arrowhead Ranch has a bright future planned to host a variety of activities that bring not just interest to the local community but an all-around positive impact.


With a wide array of services provided at Arrowhead Ranch, we designed a simple website that offers visitors easy navigation,  understanding of the brand, and a home for each sub-brand which is easily expandable to accommodate future developments.

Visual Identity

 Considering that branded product sales will play a significant role in the business, we created sub-brand logos that complemented the primary Arrowhead Ranch logo and also adapted well to apparel and promotional products.

Soap Box Derby

One of the sub-brands of Arrowhead Ranch is the Soap Box Derby. To maximize efficiency for this volunteer-run program, we created systems that enabled the volunteers to easily promote the event and garner participants, volunteers, and sponsors.


The Soap Box Derby is reliant upon corporate and community sponsorship dollars. To help them get every nickel they need to make the event a success, we created a variety of media to reach potential sponsors and compel them to open up their checkbooks.

Public Relations

By creating solid media relations and providing compelling stories and ideas, we were able to generate buzz about the Arrowhead Ranch throughout the local and surrounding communities.

Social Media

Guiding the Arrowhead Ranch team to re-think their social media strategy in terms of resource efficiency and clarity of messaging, we worked with them to streamline all sub-brands into one voice.