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CERTUS is giving proven technology new life in a revolutionary pathogen detection system for food production facilities. Madak directed and created the foundation for both the new brand and the products – including strategic unveiling processes designed to catapult sales and build ongoing momentum.


Identify the Value

Through the careful examination of our target customer and the need in the marketplace for updated food pathogen detection solutions, we were able to realize the value that the CERTUS System provides and identify the key differentiators that set the system apart from its competitors.


Articulate the Message

With sophisticated chemistry, physics, and engineering behind the CERTUS System, it was imperative to develop a marketing approach that simply and clearly relayed the most important value propositions to customers. The development of this messaging became the foundation from which all branding and marketing campaigns grew.


Motivate the Consumer

To build brand and product awareness, we cast a wide net within the niche field of food safety using the wealth of digital, traditional and living platforms at our disposal. Through meticulously crafted,  budget-minded strategies, we spread the news of the upcoming new CERTUS System  – and captured interest and inquiries at every turn.


Track the Conversions

Written Content Development

Building and expanding on thoughtful messaging, Madak strategists develop written content to address target audiences through a variety of platforms. We wrote several multi-step automated email series for CERTUS to speak to specific groups within the industry, address industry trends and changes, and position CERTUS as an industry leader and the best solution for food safety.

CERTUS System Case Study

Yakima Fruit & Cold Storage modernized and elevated its environmental monitoring program with the CERTUS System. Madak was tasked with highlighting the positive impact this new technology has had on Yakima Fruit & Cold Storage’s environmental monitoring program. We filmed and edited a video showcasing the CERTUS system in action, created additional video shorts for advertising and social media, built a landing page and an email campaign, and created custom collateral.

Public Relations

Peer-reviewed papers, authored articles, and inclusion in industry publications is the life-blood of building brands and promoting products in the food safety industry. With this in mind, we carefully mapped out a public relations plan to drip feed a mixture of hard news and specialty authored articles aimed at building brand awareness and momentum to launch sustainable sales.


Being at the forefront of technological advancement in the food safety industry means CERTUS needed a website that supported their quickly-forming reputation as innovators and industry leaders. From concept and design work to mountains of content development, we built a robust website to generate and support sales as well as to provide ongoing value to customers.

Trade Shows

When it comes to human-to-human marketing, what better way to connect than during an in-person event catered to your industry? For CERTUS, these types of trade-shows are common, but our approach to exhibiting is anything but common. Objective-driven strategies and an organized path to success are key for making the most out of the time and energy that goes into these events. And a little out-of-the-box thinking doesn’t hurt!


With a cornerstone value of the CERTUS System being ease of use, we had to do more than just tell people how easy it is to implement the system into their daily pathogen detection routine – we had to show them. With a cornerstone value of the CERTUS System being ease of use, we had to do more than just tell people how easy it is to implement the system into their daily pathogen detection routine – we had to show them.

Product Development

As CERTUS’s creative direction partner, we guided many aspects of product design including graphical user interface design, product naming, and package design. Through facilitative brainstorming sessions with the CERTUS team, we directed the naming of Empower™ Software and designed packaging to ensure visibility of key information for safety and ease-of-use for the end-user.

Sales Collateral

Creating a sales kit showcasing CERTUS’s value propositions made all the difference for CERTUS’s newly-formed sales team. Each piece of collateral was meticulously crafted by the Madak team to provide simple yet compelling information to guide the sales team through their consultative sales process and motivate potential customers toward purchasing the CERTUS System.

Digital Marketing

Starting from scratch on all communication platforms meant we had a blank slate and zero momentum. To position CERTUS as thought leaders and innovators in the food safety industry, we focused on providing valuable content with subtle branding to our audience. We crafted quarterly organic social media and automated email campaigns, including graphic design templates for the CERTUS marketing team to run with.


Utilizing a combination of targeted digital advertising, traditional print and online advertising, and strategically-placed advertorials, we captured and funneled leads to a series of website landing pages optimized for objective-driven conversions. This approach created buzz about the CERTUS System and generated qualified leads and interest from decision-makers.