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Discover Stanwood Camano is a community and tourism initiative for the cities and surrounding areas of Stanwood and Camano Island, Washington. Wanting to bring the community together and provide a central location for activities and events that could also drive tourism, Madak put together the Discover Stanwood Camano website, awareness campaign, and a strategic plan for long-term sustainability. Explore. Play. Create. Discover Small Town Charm and The Easy Island.


Identify the Value

Originally called “Discover Port Susan,” there was a huge need to reinvent the local community’s approach to putting themselves on the map. With the small-town charm of Stanwood one experiences before entering the state parks and sparkling beaches of Camano Island, there was no shortage of reasons for tourists to visit – it was just a major lack of awareness.


Articulate the Message

We started by renaming the initiative to Discover Stanwood Camano, as these two cities represent a much larger area than Port Susan. Next, we designed a fresh, modern logo indicative of the Pacific Northwest. We created the Discover Stanwood Camano website with the main goal of it being a central location for listing local festivities and events. Through this, local businesses could market themselves while tourists could have an easy way to plan their visit.


Motivate the Consumer

Several community events needed their own logos, so we designed them to sustain a high level of graphic design on the website. We provided content for social media posting to ensure there was another landing place for visitors once we started outreach marketing. Soon, those stepping off planes at SeaTac International Airport could have their interest piqued by a Discover Stanwood Camano billboard.


Track the Conversions

Discover Stanwood Camano garnered enough recognition to receive a Port of Seattle Grant, which was a huge win in continuing the development of the initiative. Traffic on the website increased over the past year. Outreach became so successful that the Angel of the Winds Resort and State Parks started offering the Discover Stanwood Camano magazine to guests. The campaign has sustained for two years and shows no signs of slowing down.