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During the 10 days of Glass Quest, visitors from all over seek the highly coveted glass floats crafted by world-renowned glass artists, Mark and Marcus Ellinger, just for this event. Local businesses and organizations buy these floats, then hide plastic clue balls all over the community. When a lucky ‘Quester’ finds a clue ball, they get to turn it in for their limited edition hand-blown glass float. Madak revamped Glass Quest’s branding for their ten year anniversary.


Identify the Value

In the past, all Glass Quest information was designated to a single paper booklet. With thousands of Questers arriving, we wanted to ensure information about the 10-day event was easily accessible. To achieve this, we built a website, designed posters and display cards for businesses to distribute, and communicated clear rules surrounding the event for participant safety. 


Articulate the Message

To facilitate maximum participation in Glass Quest, we designed a map with a “passport booklet” where Questers could visit certain places on the map to get a stamp, and then turn in their booklet to be entered in a drawing for a glass float. This helped give newcomers some direction in participating in the event while offering participating businesses that extra opportunity to make a connection with new visitors. 


Motivate the Consumer

A bright logo with a magnifying glass illuminating a map was a playful way to get the community excited for the event. The logo needed to be easily transferable to other marketing collateral for businesses partnering with the event, so we designed it as a round, badge-shape to include on posters, stickers, coasters, etc.


Track the Conversions

We increased Glass Quest’s participation by 20% for their 10th anniversary. To keep the momentum going, we empowered those running Glass Quest with extensive training to bring creative completely in-house for future years. Check out this King 5 Evening News feature on The Great Northwest Glass Quest.