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Serving greater Seattle since 1977, Raymark Plumbing and Sewer didn’t invest in marketing much beyond their website until they reached out to Madak for help standing out amid the growing competition. To help them take center stage, we focused on building Raymark’s digital presence through web optimization, SEO, and video and photography for digital ads on paid social media.


Identify the Value

We started with a competitive audit to see what’s trending in the industry. This research helped identify opportunities for brand messaging, which would influence the creative direction for digital campaigns. Showcasing the expertise of Raymark’s trained technicians serving an ever-growing city with aging plumbing and sewer systems, we highlighted Raymark’s values at every customer touchpoint.


Articulate the Message

By crafting messaging true to heart about Raymark being a Seattle neighborhood favorite, we strategized how to saturate the market by identifying and evaluating the various opportunities for customer interactions, be it radio, billboards, mailers, paid social media, organic social media, email marketing, and more. This messaging piqued the morale of Raymark’s internal team, giving them all the zeal they needed to start their journey of expanding their customer base.


Motivate the Consumer

We added a bit of playfulness to the Raymark brand by creating a social media campaign focused around their most lucrative source of revenue – sewer services. Need we say more than poo emoji? We worked to draw in new customers through clever thumb stoppers to make it clear that Raymark is here and ready to handle all things sewer for greater Seattle.


Track the Conversions

After identifying target audiences and setting conversion metrics, we set our digital campaigns loose. With web traffic and call volume increasing, we started developing assets for more traditional marketing options, like direct mail, to support digital success.

Neighbor Certified

Each neighborhood in Seattle has its unique charm. Pair that with unique challenges for parking and access, and we identified that a neighbor’s recommendation is the ultimate compliment Raymark could receive. Raymark techs were celebrated as the local experts with the ‘Neighbor Certified’ campaign.

Stop Procrapstinating

Whether it’s the cost, inconvenience, or potential for revealing large-scale problems, nobody gets excited by sewer problems. We allayed these fears with Raymark’s ‘Stop Procrapstinating’ campaign by creating a landing page that addressed roadblocks preventing customers from scheduling a sewer inspection.

Internal Operations

Getting a temperature check on internal operations helped prioritize Raymark’s journey with us. We focused on finessing their customer service manual and call scripting prior to launching our campaigns to prepare Raymark’s team for increased business.


With a solid brand already in place, we wanted to humanize Raymark Plumbing and Sewer’s website. While we reorganized content to help with SEO, we updated it with fresh photography to revitalize their presence.

Digital Presence

Part of separating Raymark from the dozens of competitors in the Seattle area was making sure their digital presence was on-point. They became Google Guaranteed, we updated their Google My Business page, and the employees did their part in encouraging customers to submit Google Reviews.

Social Media Strategy

We helped increase activity and engagement by designing templates and creating a social media playbook for guidance. We educated Raymark’s internal team on the nuances of Facebook and Instagram as they pertain to business accounts in order to help maximize Raymark’s social presence.