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Veneno contacted Madak to craft a singularly striking look for their luxury tequila line. We spearheaded brand and product development while organizing a marketing plan ahead of product launch to achieve brand awareness through social media, website, and digital advertising.


Identify the Value

To get a genuine feel for the product, we traveled to the distillery where Veneno is produced in Jalisco, Mexico – the tequila capital of the world. The flavor was there and the brand was a blank slate just waiting for the Veneno story to be told. Filled with inspiration, we got to work devising brand concepts to present to the founders.


Articulate the Message

With the objective of developing a high-end product, we wanted Veneno tequila to become a visceral experience that made a customer for life. Staying true to tequila’s geographical roots, we wrote the Veneno story based on the legendary Quetzalcoatl, offering an authentic story for the drinker to ponder while savoring Veneno.


Motivate the Consumer

We played with color and texture to give the story booklet accompanying the tequila bottle’s sleek wooden case a dynamic, weathered look. With hand-drawn illustrations and photography captured in Mexico, the enchanting story of Veneno came to life. La leyenda vive – the legend lives on.


Track the Conversions

With Veneno tequila ready to launch, we wanted to make a big impact on delivery. It was decided that each locally-purchased bottle of Veneno tequila would be hand-delivered, so we designed a decal to go on the Veneno Mercedes delivery vehicle. Like a story handed down from generations, each bottle delivery would be a unique experience the buyer could treasure forever.


The Veneno brand needed to represent a particular lifestyle, where quality, complexity, and sophistication ranks over convenience. We designed the feathered serpent featured in the Veneno story with fangs erected in a neo-traditional art style which presented beautifully on both the glass-etched bottle and wooden case.

Product Development

Much more than just a logo, Veneno tequila required supporting fonts and colors to create a multi-faceted look.  An intriguing brand story explained the messaging behind the artistic concepts, while a unique bottle and case served as the pièce de résistance. Finally, the Veneno vision could be taken to market.


To build interest around the upcoming product launch, we filmed a teaser video, giving audiences a taste of the afición in each bottle. “With each venomous pour of Veneno tequila, your reality will transform.”


Using language from the story to align the product with target markets, we presented Veneno as a luxury tequila for those who want to live a prosperous and good life. #LaLeyendaVive #TheLegendLivesOn

Graphic Design

Sleek, sophisticated, classic, iconic-these words best describe the vibe of Veneno tequila graphic design. We wanted every rendition of the serpent to be striking enough to get as a tattoo.

Behind The Scenes

Madak was fortunate to breathe life into Veneno Tequila’s products. Our CEO, Adam, recently visited Veneno’s headquarters in Houston to finalize the bottling and box designs. The Legend Lives On!