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When a national sports-technology investment group bought Vizual Edge, they knew this diamond-in-the-rough was a perfect candidate for the Madak Method. We were pumped to revitalize the brand and build awareness for the niche training product within the world of youth, collegiate and professional sports.


Identify the Value

Scrutinizing the product in both its current and projected revamped state, dissecting barriers to entry and continuity, analyzing competitors, and examining consumer behavior within team and league sports organizations led us to identify the value propositions for Vizual Edge and its cornerstone product – the Edge Trainer.


Articulate the Message

Beyond building awareness of Vizual Edge and the Edge Trainer, we also needed to educate our audience about the concept of and need for sports vision training. By distilling complex ideas into clear and simple concepts, we created messaging and visuals which resonated with coaches, league organizers, and athletes at all levels.


Motivate the Consumer

To grow and scale from their traditional one-on-one consultative sales process, Vizual Edge needed clarity and consistency across a variety of digital and print platforms.


Track the Conversions

Whereas before the Vizual Edge team had to balance content creation with their sales efforts, they can now utilize the content Madak provides to bolster their confidence during sales meetings and customer interactions.

Creative Content

Visual Identity

Updating the visual identity for Vizual Edge brought new life to the brand and product. From new logos to supporting graphics and fonts, we united their marketing across all platforms.


With education as a necessary precursor to sales, we designed the Vizual Edge website to stair-step visitors through our carefully-crafted sales matrix.

Sales Collateral

After crunching copious amounts of data, we unearthed compelling evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Edge Trainer and showcased these in a variety of sales tools.

Partner Strategy

With the goal of building relationships with training facilities, we set Vizual Edge up for success by developing selling points and sales tools specific to this niche market.

Trade Show

With a series of upcoming industry events, we equipped the Vizual Edge team with an objective-driven event strategy, exhibit design, pre and post-event promotions, and talking points for the team.

Public Relations

To enhance awareness about Vizual Edge, its new owners, and the revamped brand, we employed a robust public relations strategy aimed at the sports industry.