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Windermere Real Estate Stanwood and Camano Island specializes in selling properties in a beautiful, but lesser-known waterfront region of the Pacific Northwest. To attract out-of-area buyers we shored up Windermere’s brand identity and developed campaigns to build awareness of the area and create strategic market positioning for Windermere.


Identify the Value

The Windermere gameplan consisted of a variety of strategies – each one crafted around unique objectives which, ultimately, all aimed at the same goal – selling properties. From reinforcing their market position as industry leaders, to developing tools for the individual real estate agents, we identified a multi-pronged approach to building the Windermere brand and driving sales.


Articulate the Message

Working with a multitude of objectives and campaigns, we developed over-arching messaging that spoke to the larger goal of selling properties, while also crafting individual stories that drove each campaign. This messaging sparked renewed company culture, cohesive internal communications, and clear external presence in the marketplace.


Motivate the Consumer

Using a variety of tools including digital, print, and good-old-fashioned human-to-human interaction, we solidified Windermere’s reputation in the community, created opportunities for the Windermere agents to expand their businesses, and delivered countless leads to boost Windermere’s overall sales.


Track the Conversions

We are Stanwood Camano

The We are Stanwood Camano campaign captured the essence of Windermere throughout the community. This campaign solidified Windermere as the leading real estate brokerage in the area and developed a foundation for the proceeding campaign which was aimed at home-buyers 60+ miles away.

Welcome to Camano Island

To garner homebuyers’ interest in Camano Island and position the local Windermere agents as the homebuyers’ advantage, we developed the Welcome to Camano Island campaign. This campaign took many forms – from video and advertising to signage and contributed-content public relations strategies.

Public Relations

With real estate, top-of-mind awareness is key – so we created opportunities to promote Windermere, the owners, agents, and their listings through a variety of media channels.


Through the creation of a robust website that showcases not just listings – but the who, what and why of Windermere, we established a valuable resource for agents and home-buyers.


We worked with Windermere to identify key events that would be most impactful on their short and long-term objectives. Activations for the key events were then re-strategized and revamped to ensure maximum ROI.

Social Media Strategy

To help Windermere build familiarity and trust with their audience, we developed basic and advanced social media playbooks and graphic templates. We supported, trained, and challenged the in-house team to continuously raise the bar.