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3.2.1 Launch. CERTUS, which is Latin for certainty, had a clear purpose – to validate and protect food production beyond a shadow of a doubt. They also had a unique prototype to be able to accomplish this goal, and the research and statistical analysis to prove success. But they were scientists – not a creative marketing firm – and they needed to launch their brand and product at an upcoming trade show in a matter of months.




Public Relations


Graphic Design


The timeframe from initial discussions and fact-finding to implementation was incredibly tight but Madak is never one to shy away from a deadline.  All systems were on green light, with focus on learning about the food safety industry and brainstorming the best way to showcase a new product across all platforms in an emerging marketplace.  


Because we spent incredible amounts of time getting to know CERTUS, and their new product, an important relationship built on trust and feedback was developed.  We challenged CERTUS with ideas, and they challenged us right back – it’s a good thing we love a great challenge!


The new CERTUS brand and accompanying messaging was finessed until perfection.  Website creation, including video development and photos, was crafted to be unveiled at the tradeshow. A strategic plan for launch included formal press releases, website development, social media content, and accompanying digital creation and display at the International Association of Food Protection conference. Madak will continue to guide the CERTUS marketing department as the company explores this new arena, as part of our ongoing implementation efforts.   The launch was a blast – and we are excited to be on this ride with CERTUS as we continue to strategically position them in the marketplace.