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CERTUS has a clear purpose – to validate and protect food production beyond a shadow of a doubt. To accomplish this, they put proven technology to work in a revolutionary new food safety system. To launch their brand, create product awareness, and inspire sales and customer loyalty, they called on Madak.



CERTUS, a Toho USA company, has developed a first of its kind, in-house pathogen testing unit that would impact the way food producers will orchestrate their internal food safety processes. As a new system on the market, CERTUS needs to position themselves as a thought leader and a new player in the industry.


With the CERTUS System proving to be a complex instrument, it was imperative to develop a marketing approach that would simplify the product for the consumer. The fully-functional website, product video, event collateral and large-scale public relations push all focused on elements of the system that were user-friendly and effective when brought in-house.


Successfully we have positioned CERTUS as the leader of in-house pathogen testing within the food safety industry. With the system in full marketability, Madak will develop as blended sales and marketing approach to drive overall company sales.

Website Development

Collaborated on all content and value propositions

  • Rich features list

  • Interactive web elements

  • Easily accessible content

  • Media-enabled environment

  • Functional lead generation

  • Fully tracked web analytics

  • Re-marketing enabled

  • Mobile optimization

Customer Engaging Opportunities

Directed multiple food safety events through engaging booth experiences

Introducing The CERTUS System

Developed an entire workflow system and video story for sales & marketing

Public Relations

Developed and delivered on an entire media calendar with national outreach

Social Media Planning

Helped position CERTUS as thought leader in food safety industry

Sales Collateral Development

Working with the sales team we developed a full marketing collateral