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Dancember raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the children and families of Convey of Hope’s bringing food and hope to families around the world.



Dancember was the brainchild of two YouTubers who used their strong social media following to help raise money for diverse charities. Madak was brought on board to develop an engaging product, in the form of apparel, that would appeal to the Dancember audience. The challenge was to design a stylized line of apparel that would resonate with the audience enough to where it would persuade positive donating habits. Each person to donate funds received a Dancember branded apparel item.


To maximize charitable donations, Madak developed modern and on-trend designs that were comfortable and had mass appeal. Providing multiple design options for the varying donation levels, Madak was able to create an emotionally impactful and rewarding experience for the donors.


Through modern designs and a streamlined back-end process (that provided behind-the-scenes efficiency for the Dancember team) the results of the fundraising drive were extremely successful and propagated a robust ecommerce experience for everyone involved as well as brand loyalty on the consumer end.

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Apparel Design

Creating on-brand, wearable messaging