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Jan 29

Facebook Like Campaign

The Benefits of Running a Like Campaign


A Like Campaign is pretty much what it sounds like – an advertising campaign that you run to increase the number of people who “Like” your Facebook page. While this may seem like a waste of money – because obviously a “Like” does not automatically make your cash register flash “Sale” – there are several benefits to running this low-cost ad campaign.

Double your Frequency

When someone “Likes” your page, they become your fan. Fans of your page can see ads from your page twice as many times per day as non-fans. Currently, this means you can serve your ads up to four times a day to your fans, and only twice per day to non-fans.

Harness the Power of Peers

It’s true that most of us prefer to jump on the bandwagon when it’s full of our friends and peers, rather than climb aboard a vacant stagecoach hoping for something amazing to happen. Increased fans equals increased credibility.

Build a Warm Audience

Someone who likes your page has already traveled down the first couple steps of the sales funnel. They are aware of your business and are starting to gain insight into your product or service. Continue to nurture this audience and that quiet “Like” will eventually turn into a resounding “Ka-ching!”

Get More Intelligent

One of the benefits of having a Facebook ad running constantly is that the Facebook algorithm actually gets smarter over time. The Facebook algorithm begins to understand who your best clients are, who’s going to click your links, who’s going to watch your videos, etc.

Even if you’re not ready to run full-scale campaigns, having a like campaign running in the background with a very small budget on a daily basis can really help Facebook serve all of your ads to the right people once you’re ready to scale up into larger campaigns.

One more reason to be a fan of like campaigns is because they’re not intrusive to Facebook users. The call to action on your ad is simply to click “Like.” Once clicked, the user can continue scrolling through their feed rather than being taken out of Facebook to another site. That and the fact that you can create an ad and let it run without touching it again for months – makes it a no-brainer that at least some of your advertising dollars should be spent running a like campaign on Facebook.