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Jan 21

Great content starts with strategy and focus.

“Content is King” is a phrase that was coined by Bill Gates in 1996, and there are many reasons why it still is. Content development focuses on sharing information that provides knowledge for an audience, rather than advertises to them. As Forbes puts it, “It centers around the customers rather than itself. It attracts people rather than interrupts them, and it’s more about them than it is about you.”

With ad blockers and “banner blindness” – a phenomenon where internet users consciously and unconsciously ignore internet ads –  marketers are challenged with finding ways to reach potential customers without annoying them, making creative content development more important than ever.

Great content starts with strategy and focus. With so much new content posted daily fighting for people’s attention, it’s important to provide value over volume so that your content is memorable. Rather than create content for the fun of it, give customers information that will help them make decisions.

Here at Madak, we make content that will wow your buyers. We put a strong focus on syncing your goals with the needs of your buyers, and we aim to not just get customers but to turn customers into advocates.