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Jun 21

How Sponsorship Is Key To Powerful Marketing

Sponsorships are a marketing tactic that many companies overlook. Sponsorships can offer positive outlooks on your business and attract distinct target markets. What exactly is a sponsorship, and how does it work?





The definition of a sponsorship (provided by is “advertising that seeks to establish a deeper association and integration between an advertiser and a publisher, often involving coordinated beyond-the-banner placements.”





Lots of big events these days are sponsored by large companies to gain more exposure for its brand to the public. An example of a sponsorship would be American Idol and Coca Cola or Adidas for the World Cup. Coca Cola is an iconic beverage that people of all ages drink, so partnering with American Idol is a good move because American Idol also has a broad audience. As for Adidas and the World Cup, Adidas is a sportswear brand and the World Cup is a worldwide soccer competition, so it makes sense that people who view the World Cup would associate it with Adidas and want to buy its gear.


Most brands choose to participate in sponsorships because it shows them in a different light and can enhance their image and shape consumer’s attitudes. Sponsoring events that appeal to your target audience is a great way to show how your brand supports causes and other events relatable to your brand, instead of relying on traditional advertising.





Other than sponsoring the World Cup, Adidas also supports teen sport organizations to show that they support active lifestyles for children which promotes healthier living. By sponsoring child sport organizations, Adidas is attracting another part of their target market of children for their gear.


As you can see, sponsorships allow brands to gain lots more exposure and attraction through partnering with events that are on par with its beliefs, values and mission. If you have your own business, try partnering with a local event in your town to gain exposure, and show how your business supports other organizations (while also promoting your company.)