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Jun 27

How To Effectively Measure Your Brand Awareness Campaigns

When it comes to measuring brand awareness campaigns, it can be a bit difficult to decide what metrics are the most useful for gauging the success of your campaign. Increasing your brand awareness is important because it gives your brand more exposure, so measuring your awareness metrics is just as important to see what is working and what is not.


It can be difficult to measure brand awareness campaigns because figuring out what to measure and making sure you are measuring that metric correctly can be more complex than you think. For instance, say you created a new video ad and wanted to see how many views you’ve been getting on it. There are analytics tools to show you how many views you have received, but what it doesn’t tell you is if someone just accidentally played your video for a few seconds or if it is on an automatic play when you land on the video. Things like this can throw off the accuracy of your campaign and hinder its success.


Here are some things you should look at to measure your brand awareness more effectively:



Website Traffic

It’s important to take a look at your website traffic because this can show you how many people are actually visiting your site and where they are clicking. A tool you can use to track visitors who have clicked on your website is Google Analytics. Many website development platforms  like wordpress or squarespace have built-in analytics systems that will track your profile for you as well.




Your reach is the potential number of unique people that will be exposed to your brand. It is important to look at this metric to see who is looking at your brand and if it matches up with your target audience you are trying to reach.




Looking at your engagement is beneficial to tracking your brand awareness because it tells you if people are actually engaging with your brand or just simply passing by your content through their feed.  



These are the main basic metrics that you should be looking at the most to get a better measurement of the effectiveness of your brand awareness campaign. To track any peaks and troughs throughout your campaign, set benchmarks to see what is effective within your campaign and what isn’t.


Brand awareness can help build and strengthen your marketing strategy. You can use Google Analytics or Brandwatch to view metrics and analyze the effectiveness of your own campaign. By creating your own brand awareness campaign you are getting brand exposure, and with that, the more people that can recall your brand the better!