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How to Get Their BFF to Recommend your Product
Aug 16

How to Get Their BFF to Recommend your Product


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Ok, so it may not be their BFF, but it’s close. When you hire an Instagram Influencer to promote your product or service, you get more than just a creative advertisement stylized perfectly for the intended audience, you get a creative advertisement stylized perfectly for the intended audience along with a highly effective recommendation from a trusted source. So what is an Instagram Influencer and how does it work? Keep reading to learn about the different types of influencers and how to hire one.

An Instagram Influencer is a user with a large, genuine and engaged following. Instagram Influencers use their established credibility to persuade their audience. They appear genuine by:

  • Posting plenty of non-sales related content that their followers enjoy

  • Advertising in a way that feels more like a recommendation from a friend and less like a sales pitch

  • Posting high quality content, with less frequency so it’s a treat for followers to view

Here are 2 great examples of ads from Instagram Influencers:

Think of an Instagram Influencer like a lifestyle magazine. They are accounts that people follow for inspiration, education or just for fun. In almost every niche you can imagine, there’s a number of Instagram Influencers to choose from.

Two Types of Influencers

Micro Influencer

A Micro Influencer is someone who has 1,000 to 100,000 followers. An interesting thing to note is that marketers have found that accounts with followings under 100,000 are more likely to engage than influencers with a larger following.

Here’s an example of a Micro Influencer’s profile.

Macro Influencer

A macro influencer is someone who has over 100,000 followers. An example of a Macro Influencer would be a celebrity. The benefit of a Macro Influencer is reach.

Hire an Influencer

First, find a few influencers within your niche. To find influencers that would be the most beneficial for your brand, search related keywords in the explore section of Instagram. Look to the top section of photos labeled “TOP POSTS”. These are the posts with the most engagement in that category and will be where you find influencers. To verify that the account in an influencer, click on a photo you like and check out their account. There are 3 things to look for to verify that they are an Influencer worth hiring.

  1. Overall followers (between 10,000 and 100,000)

  2. Average number of likes and comments on posts (500+ likes per post)

  3. Follower to like ratio (1 like for every 60 followers)

It’s important to look at these 3 statistics to ensure that the account is an actual influencer and not just someone who pays for bots to follow their page. Once you make your choice, you can message the influencer directly to start talking about your project and pricing.

Keep in mind that the more followers the account has, the more they will charge you. Also, influencers with large followings are hit up fairly consistently about advertising and may not even respond to you if they deem your project too small (and by that, I mean not enough $$ for them). To circumvent this, start with smaller influencers and gain experience working in this world. As your experience grows, so does your network of influencers who are happy to recommend you. Use this network to gain access to your ideal influencer – and through them – access to pinkie-promises, half-heart necklaces and secret handshakes with your target market.