Aug 16
Aug 16
Aug 06

How to Utilize Testimonials

Online legitimacy is a lot more important than most small businesses realize. Hundreds of people my see your post but if your business doesn’t appear to be legitimate it turns potential customers into window shoppers. Because it is so easy and cheap to put up a website or advertise on... read more →
Jul 30
Jul 28
Jul 13

7 Types of Social Media Content

  A lot of times a content schedule is heavily constrained by time and budget. The idea of hiring a company to design an entire marketing campaign can seem daunting, however, with technology constantly advancing comes more options and lower prices. Photography, for example, used to be a luxury industry... read more →
Jul 08
Jul 01
Jun 26

Instagram Followers are Worth More

The biggest mistake I see small business make is putting all their time into Facebook and ignoring their Instagram. Although Instagram has it’s limitations (like not being able to post from you desktop) it is a very useful platform for businesses. Instagram is a platform that is made for engagement... read more →
Jun 15
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May 24
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May 10

The Power of Optimization

2.8 billion people were using social media by the end of 2016 (Hootsuite). This means every day you have free access to market to 2.8 billion people through social media. In a constantly changing world, marketing through social media can seem complicated, especially if you are too busy to spend... read more →
May 03

Video Moves your Market

Copy is great for boosting SEO but video is better and here’s why: Video captivates your audience. You can’t ignore the increase in the amount of videos on social media and it continues to grow. 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook (TechCrunch). People are more... read more →