Sep 14

The Importance of Company Culture

We all know expanding the bottom line is central to any company's success, but let's dig into which behaviors drive that success and the values remaining intact during the process. Courtney Chapman of the Rubicon Project puts it simply, “Company culture is the product of a company’s values, expectations, and... read more →
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Apr 24

Web Design Trends of 2018

Part of attracting new customers to your business is maintaining a good web presence. This includes social media, but for many businesses, a website is the primary way customers will learn about you and what you can do for them. The way you “dress” your website is an important step... read more →
Apr 18

Keep Your Website Fresh

A good practice for keeping users interested in your website and instilling confidence in your business, is shuffling some things around every now and again. It tells your audience that the information is current and reliable. It also signals that your website isn't an after-thought, and that you value how... read more →
Apr 16

Social Media Content Ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to post to your social media especially if you are a business trying to appeal to your customers. Depending on your industry, you will have to figure out different kinds of content that will excite your followers and get them engaged.... read more →
Apr 02

Instagram Analytics Vocabulary

The analytics section on your Instagram account is a vital source of information for your business. Using these tools correctly can help you get the most out of each post and target the right audience to maximize your reach and influence. It can be exciting to see the metrics of... read more →
Mar 24

Adding Links to Instagram Stories

If you follow influencers or celebrities on Instagram, you’ll often see them linking to other pages from their stories. When tapping through stories, you will typically see some text that says to “swipe up for more details,” or “swipe up to shop”— something along those lines. This feature used to... read more →
Mar 11
Mar 07

VALs For Your Business

The “value and style” (VALS) Framework is an important analysis tool used in marketing and communications. The system groups consumers into different categories, based on spending habits, which is useful for setting and meeting strategic marketing and communication goals. The framework divides consumers into eight core groups: innovators, thinkers, believers,... read more →
Feb 27
Feb 20

Benefits of Creating a Brand Video

Video is More Engaging We are all familiar with the traditional ads that are on billboards and posters, but static images don’t have the ability to really grab people's attention as well anymore. Today, consumers are watching more video content than ever. This is because in such a fast pace... read more →
Feb 13

5 Social Media No-no’s

Inactivity It’s easy to create a social media account for your business, but actively using it and posting often can be tough at times. Anyone who follows any account wants to see activity and be up to date on information about the brand or business they are following. Basically, followers... read more →
Feb 09

Why Use Instagram For Your Business

Instagram is the social platform best known for its display of images. This platform can provide a visual identity for your personal or professional needs. When it comes to professional use of Instagram, visuals are what drives consumers’ decisions to buy or use products or services. Out of other social... read more →
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Jul 28

Sell Directly on Social Media

Social media is taking over ecommerce and Facebook and Instagram are at the forefront. Facebook’s new features eliminate the cost and time consuming custom coded ecommerce site which is a blessing for startups and side hustles. What makes it even better is that it’s easy to use.   Facebook Stores... read more →
Jul 13

7 Types of Social Media Content

  A lot of times a content schedule is heavily constrained by time and budget. The idea of hiring a company to design an entire marketing campaign can seem daunting, however, with technology constantly advancing comes more options and lower prices. Photography, for example, used to be a luxury industry... read more →
Jul 08

3 Ways to Boost SEO for Free

Keep in mind before reading this, using social media properly is a great way to boost your SEO for free. There is no 100% guaranteed way to get your small business on the first page of Google but there are a lot of things that you can do to work... read more →
Jul 01

Content, Consistency and Optimization

Content is everything. It is what you put out to the world in hopes that you make an impact on readers, customers or clients. Having quality content for social media is an important investment when it comes to marketing. Quality photography and video can make or break your business on... read more →
Jun 26

Instagram Followers are Worth More

The biggest mistake I see small business make is putting all their time into Facebook and ignoring their Instagram. Although Instagram has it’s limitations (like not being able to post from you desktop) it is a very useful platform for businesses. Instagram is a platform that is made for engagement... read more →
Jun 15
Jun 06

Social Media Platforms: Where to Start

  There are an overwhelming amount of websites to promote your business online. Here is where to start: 2 Social Media Accounts Every Business Should Utilize: Social media is one of the best and most authentic ways to market your business. It also provides user friendly apps to make it... read more →
May 24
May 17

Having a Responsive Website is No Longer Optional

How well does your site work on a mobile device? Adobe found that nearly 8 in 10 of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device. We’ve all been there - frustrated by a site that’s not working properly on your smartphone. Mobile optimization is... read more →
May 10

The Power of Optimization

2.8 billion people were using social media by the end of 2016 (Hootsuite). This means every day you have free access to market to 2.8 billion people through social media. In a constantly changing world, marketing through social media can seem complicated, especially if you are too busy to spend... read more →
May 03

Video Moves your Market

Copy is great for boosting SEO but video is better and here’s why: Video captivates your audience. You can’t ignore the increase in the amount of videos on social media and it continues to grow. 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook (TechCrunch). People are more... read more →