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Jun 26

Instagram Followers are Worth More

The biggest mistake I see small business make is putting all their time into Facebook and ignoring their Instagram. Although Instagram has it’s limitations (like not being able to post from you desktop) it is a very useful platform for businesses. Instagram is a platform that is made for engagement and here is why:

It all comes down to reach.

Simply put, Instagram is a platform that makes it easy to increase your post’s reach. Whether it is adding hashtags or a location, optimizing your post on Instagram gives you significantly more reach for your effort. This makes Instagram better setup for e-commerce. Consumers can shop on Instagram because it’s a platform that’s set up to more easily discover new products. By typing in a generic hashtag you will find tons of photos and video clips advertising products. Instagram is also a much cleaner platform so consumers are less distracted when scrolling through your content. Without distractions like sidebar advertisements your post is a lot more powerful.

Why isn’t Facebook the only platform your business needs?

Facebook has become a pay to play platform because it is so personal, it’s hard to reach new customers. People are on Facebook to scroll through what they’re friends are doing and when there is an ad that shows up on your page, more often or not it will be an ad that has a lot of money invested in it. Unless you have a very strong network of Facebook savvy friends, you won’t find the same amount of engagement of your Facebook posts, whether you optimize or not. However, at the end of the day, your business needs to remain active on both Instagram and Facebook because there are important demographics on each platform.