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Nov 02

Marketing for their Love 😍

Love is a powerful emotion. Brand love is a powerful motivator. Brand love has us purchasing Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks – only from Starbucks. Brand love compels you to use the same laundry detergent year after year, regardless of price. Brand love is the holy grail for marketing professionals. But what exactly is brand love and how do you foster it in your customers?

“Brand love is an emotional and passionate relationship present between a satisfied consumer and a brand.”

Carroll and Ahuvia (2006)

Here are some concrete steps you can take to build brand love:   

Know your target market’s psychographics.  

Sure, you can list the attributes of your target market probably by age, profession, general demographics that explain WHO they are.  But do you understand their personal characteristics at a deeper level? Psychographics explain WHY they buy.  

Movie rental giant, Redbox, got to the bottom of their customers’ psychographics with this survey.

What are your top clients’ values, hobbies, lifestyles, behavior? Take time to talk to your clients and for a larger sampling consider a psychographic survey.  

Connect to consumers with intrinsic rather than extrinsic value.

What can you do to associate your brand with the values of your customers? For instance, REI’s #optoutside movement encouraged people to reconnect outdoors during the busiest shopping day of the year inspiring 1.4 million people and 170 organizations.   

What are the intrinsic values of your target market? How does your business statement or products align with those values?

Leverage your authentic history to build a sense of attachment.

“The brands that seemed to come from the heart of the producers had a much easier time finding a place in the heart of the consumers.”

Rajeev Bara, Aaron Ahuvia, Richard P. Bagozzi

Organic Valley used this strategy by highlighting the authenticity of their CEO who doesn’t wear shoes in this video.

What unique story can you tell about the history of your product or business?

As you can see, it’s all about heart. Share the heart of your brand and develop your story by understanding your customers, seeking out common values and reveling in your quirks. You might be surprised what comes out of it…

Need help telling your brand’s story? Let us know! We’d love to make your uniqueness shine!