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Discover the Potential

Market Research

Today’s marketplace requires knowledge of your consumer’s needs and preferences and analysis of business competition.  Market research is critical to build a feasible and immersive brand presence.  We do your homework for you.  

Identity & Impact

Who are you as a business? Who is your ideal client? Defining what you want to say to the world and who you want to impact will guarantee a solid foundation. Our established fact-finding process answers these questions with accuracy.  

Sustainable Vision 

A vision should answer two important questions –  why are we here and where are we going? Most importantly, a sustainable business model is built to withstand the ups and downs of an external landscape.  

Design the Brand


A strategically-crafted brand does not belong in a stagnant environment. That is why at Madak we make sure your marketing efforts are seen and realized. Strategic Implementation is vital for success.

Branding Design

Make a strong, immediate, and lasting impact on your target market with a branding campaign custom built for the intricacies of your industry and business . From the initial steps of message creation and logo design to full-service marketing.

Website Presence

Your website is one of the first experiences clients will have with your brand. Are you leveraging your website to it’s fullest potential? Are you delivering your brand message effectively? User experience is key in today’s marketplace and we have the tools to maximize your website’s impact.

Design the Brand

Client Engagement

In a world of heavily consumed digital content, making a genuine connection with your consumers is an art – and a science. In-person events, live social events and intentional community-building all come together to forge deep connections between brands and their consumers.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Influencers, Websites, Blogs, Email, Events, Advertising… From traditional to modern media platforms, Madak crafts your content and delivery strategy with simplified messaging, highly interactive visuals and intentional brand positioning.

Brand Implementation

Madak is with you every step of the way – from training and inspiring key staff members at your business, to becoming your extended marketing department. Your message will be seen and heard.

Creative Engagement

At Madak we are professional outside-of-the-box thinkers.  No idea is too crazy for us to try.  Want to engage with your clients in a unique and outstanding way? We are on board.

Social Media Strategy

There’s an art and a science behind effective social media marketing. From a consumer’s vantage point social media is all fun and games; but for brands social media presence is oxygen. Let Madak help you breathe.

Event Marketing

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, building relationships with your customers is key and face-to-face interaction is gold. We develop strategies to optimize this highly concentrated time.

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