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Apr 16

Social Media Content Ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to post to your social media especially if you are a business trying to appeal to your customers. Depending on your industry, you will have to figure out different kinds of content that will excite your followers and get them engaged.


1. Post relevant content

Whatever your industry is, posting content that is relevant to your niche is a must, always. It might sound like a no-brainer, but at times it can be difficult to talk about the same things all the time. Make sure when you feel like you start to run out of ideas that you are not posting something irrelevant just to get content out. Remember, quality over quantity.


2. Repost followers’ content

Reposting followers’ content shows that there is someone actually behind your social media account that is acknowledging others’ content. It shows that you value what others have to say and care about your audience’s opinions


3. Turn a blog post into a video

Switch it up. Instead of writing text all the time, try creating a fun video that makes your writing come to life. Instead of typing it out, show people what you are trying to say. This creates a different viewpoint and an element of excitement for your audience.


4. Ask questions or for help

Turn to your audience to give you some input. Ask them questions about what they want. This will show your audience that you care about them and their opinions and as a business, wants to improve through audience input.