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Aug 31

Social Media Is Hard Work—Here’s How To Make It Work for You

To honor Labor Day and the achievements of the American workforce, we’re going to focus on the hard work it takes to create effective social media posts. Social media is one component of digital marketing that’s often overlooked or underestimated in terms of how much time it takes to curate relevant, compelling content. We’re used to social media as being something we do in our spare time when we’re bored. Yet, when that mindset enters the workplace, social media coordination can become an afterthought or be dumped on an existing employee to do in their spare time.

Whether you’re managing a social media department or coordinating posts part-time, there’s a lot to consider. You must post frequently but not to the point of annoying followers. The post needs to be relevant to your business’s brand. Whether it’s text, video, or images, the content should also be high in quality. All this work can pay off, though, as social media is one of the most influential tools of modern marketing.

How social media benefits your business:

Brand Awareness

Social media platforms are a space to express your business’s image, values, and overall story. It’s free, so it’s certainly cost-effective, and your business’s presence on social media can increase its search ranking on Google. If thought leaders in your industry share your content, it gives a boost to your brand’s authority. So, never underestimate the power of social media circulation.

Customer Service

Being there for your customers inspires brand loyalty. Sprout Social notes that 34.5% of customers go to social media for customer service. Use social media to answer questions or direct customers to resources for more information. Most of all, pay attention. Feedback received through social media can give real insight to what consumers think of your product.

Community Engagement

Connecting with followers gives your brand a human element. If social media is all posting and no engagement, then your company will seem detached or insincere. Building and keeping followers hinges on a connection. Thank your followers for sharing your content or engage them with questions. People love sharing what they think and posts with high engagement increase your brand’s visibility on the platform.

Product Sales

New products or ways to use your product can be showcased through social media. It’s the perfect way to show, not tell. In fact, posts with a visual element are 40 more times likely to be shared. When followers share your content, they basically do the selling for you. One of the top reasons people follow brands on social media is because they’re interested in buying the product or are looking for discount offers. Always be sure to include links to promotions or offer codes to drive traffic to your website.

Do I need to hire someone?

Input equals output. The quality and dedication you want reflected in your business’s social media posts needs to sync up with the time and resources your company makes available to accomplish just that. There’s no magic number of hours, budget, or business size.

While you can outsource the position, it’s best to keep the Social Media Coordinator as an employee within the company so they are surrounded by the brand and privy to upcoming events. Your next options are using a marketing agency or contracting a local who is passionate about the brand. If multiple employees or agencies are involved in posting social media for your business, extra steps need to be taken to ensure posts are consistent in content and style.

Be prepared for followers’ expectations to rise as the quality of your social media increases. Decide how immediate your replies to questions or comments will be. It takes 10 hours on average for a business to respond on social media while followers’ expectations for response times are more like 1-4 hours.

Qualities of a killer Social Media Coordinator.

Juggling posts on multiple platforms requires excellent time management and attention to detail. Adaptability to the ever-changing trends of social media is a must. Natural writing, design, and photography skills are a plus. Of course, the poster should be passionate about social media and your brand. Having a curiosity for digital marketing trends helps facilitate creativity while being analytical allows objective evaluation of posts’ performance.

Putting it all together…

It takes a lot of effort to make social media look effortless. You have to plan the content, create the content, and post the content—all while staying on top of community engagement. The biggest takeaway is that you can’t just wing social media for a business. Develop a plan detailing your objectives, then choose someone to lead the charge, making sure they have the time and resources needed to execute the plan to your expectations.