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Jun 06

Social Media Platforms: Where to Start


There are an overwhelming amount of websites to promote your business online. Here is where to start:

2 Social Media Accounts Every Business Should Utilize:

Social media is one of the best and most authentic ways to market your business. It also provides user friendly apps to make it easy to post from any device. It is important to have consistent, quality content in your posts. It is equally important to use social media for socializing. Interacting with your followers is a crucial part of gaining a following for your brand.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a very personal social media site. The main reason users are on Facebook is to share and socialize with friends, family and their network. Creating a Facebook page for your business helps you promote in a more organic way because a lot of supporters on your page will be from your personal network. It also improves your business’ validity. A company that posts regularly on Facebook and has contact information is a company that you can trust. Creating validity for your company online is especially important for online businesses or stores that don’t have a physical location.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is where you can get a lot of reach for your business. You can reach people all over the world using simple hashtags. By adding a location to your post you can target locals. Instagram provides important analytics that break down when your followers are most active social media down to the hour. Although there are a lot of articles that will give you the most popular times to post, every following is different. Instagram gives you specific demographics related to your following.

If you have a brick and mortar business you need utilize Google My Business.

Listing your business on Google is a great way to optimize your business. It also gives a client/customer all the basic information for your business that they would need and provides your business with additional validity by being on google and providing reviews of your business.

There are countless websites you can use to market your business but a large majority are targeted towards certain types of businesses. For example: a small restaurant will want to utilize Yelp to collect reviews and advertise but a Twitter account may be useless and time consuming.

Here are some examples of free websites targeted towards certain types of businesses.




  • YELP

Wedding Related Businesses:


With all things social media, it may seem overwhelming to get started but every day these major platforms are working to make their format more user friendly for businesses. Google is the best resource I have found when I have a question.

Here are some great resources that I found via Google that will walk you through getting your business up on some of the most important major platforms.

How to set up a Facebook business page:

How to set up an Instagram business page:

Get your business on Google My Business: