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Jun 15

Social Media Platforms: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Social media as a whole is a very diverse online world. Not only in the users but the platforms themselves are all very different. Although there have been advances to make the transition between posting the same thing on all the major platforms has helped, optimizing your post well on each platform requires you do it yourself. This can be time consuming but if you use the tips in this article, it can help streamline and cut down on your time spent optimizing.


How to optimize: Post a line of text, 25 hashtags and add a relevant location.

When you are choosing hashtags you want to have about 20 general hashtags and 5 specific hashtags. 25 hashtags may seem excessive and is sometimes viewed as you are trying to hard but in my opinion- the reach you get is worth it and honestly, who looks at how many hashtags you post anyway?

Streamline: When deciding on your general hashtags create ones that you can use for all your posts. Then simply copy and paste these hashtags from a previous post in your new post caption. Put the specific hashtags in the beginning and all together. This way you can select just the relevant hashtags for your new post.


Post a line of text, your website link, 3-5 hashtags and add a relevant location. If you are posting a blog article write a short description and underneath copy and paste the direct URL for the blog post. This will create a thumbnail that your followers can click on and be sent directly to the blog post.

Streamline: Keep it simple, make your hashtags general enough to be used on all your posts. Most likely if you are a small business, a lot of your followers know you personally so don’t feel that you need to over do it. Be clear, simple and authentic.


Post a line of text, a link to your site (use bitly to save characters), 3-5 hashtags if you can and a relevant location. If you can, use the words in your line of text for your hashtags. This will save characters since Twitter limits the amount of characters you can use. Post your image with it to grab attention.

Streamline: Because you are so limited with the amount of characters, it’s very simply and quick to optimize on Twitter. A lot of times your only option will be to use the words in the line of text you want to post.

Tagging other accounts

If you are looking to tag another account in your post you have to make sure that you use the correct handle for each platform. Due to availability, @gilbertrugby might work on Instagram but if you want to tag them on Facebook you will need to tag @GILBERT_RUGBY on Facebook.