Going Modern Every day since 1940, a member of the Stowe family opened the doors of their business – rich with heritage and local values, Madak was consulted to reflect Stowe’s history in a modern platform. With quality name brands and a very loyal client base, the potential for strategic marketing growth was limitless. www.stowesshoesandclothing

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Child’s Own is able to provide a full-circle creative experience for its consumer, taking a child’s hand-drawn artistic creation and turning it into real-life stuffed animals. With a unique product service ready to launch just prior to the annual Q4 shopping season, Child’s Own sought out the creative team at Madak to develop and execute a comprehensive digital advertising campaign that would Westernize the look and feel of the brand while still appealing to a global market. The challenge was to evolve the Child’s Own brand so that the company could best maximize the upcoming holiday gift giving season and catapult its name into households worldwide.


The existing brand relied heavily on Eastern anime-style design. Madak’s approach was to update the look and feel of its advertising by incorporating real-life images of children holding their own artwork alongside visual components of the actual end-product, a plush replica of the child’s actual design. With modern video technique and through a strategic digital advertising campaign, Madak was able to provide the Child’s Own target audience with a “real” experience that encouraged positive shopping patterns in Q4.


The global response to Child’s Own proved very positive. Sales figures came in higher than anticipated leading into and through Q4, resulting in a long-lasting impact on the company and the children with whom their products reach.