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Going Modern Every day since 1940, a member of the Stowe family opened the doors of their business – rich with heritage and local values, Madak was consulted to reflect Stowe’s history in a modern platform. With quality name brands and a very loyal client base, the potential for strategic marketing growth was limitless. www.stowesshoesandclothing






Madak was challenged with the task of acknowledging the Stowe business legacy with 21st century messaging.  It was important to recognize the history of the family business and also transition their products into engaging video and imagery.


While recognizing and highlighting the legacy of Stowes was important, it was equally important to bring their brand and store into the modern media world.  Their top-notch products were stylish and in high demand, and they offered personalized customer service rarely found in the retail market.  All of these characteristics needed to be reflected in a new brand, website, and marketing strategy.


Madak created a new logo and branding strategy which was modern and interesting for potential customers.  The updated website is engaging and also highlights the rich history of the business and the Stowe family.  A digital strategy was created to utilize assets from popular brands with photos and dynamic videos.  Key staff members were trained to update the website with current promotions, empowering the Stowe family to grow their business in the modern world.