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Feb 01

Tidying Up: Office Edition

With Tidying Up with Marie Kondo taking Netflix by storm and spring cleaning just around the corner, we at Madak have gotten inspired and are starting to freshen up our look. Small changes can make a huge impact when you take the time to assess the look and feel of your office. Take a step back and consider if any of these organization hacks can help increase the productivity of your workspace.

Everything Has a Home

Don’t know what this cord is for? Can’t remember if this key is for the file cabinet or the safe? Labeling everything takes office organization to an expert level. If you are ever in a situation where you need a coworker or family member to grab something from the office—make these situations easy by thinking in advance. If you label something, you free up that much more space in your brain to remember other, more important things.

Comfort is King

This one seems obvious, but never underestimate the power of a comfortable workspace! Make sure the lighting is good so you’re not squinting at your monitor. Listen to relaxing or energizing music—whichever makes you focus best. If you need a quiet space, free yourself of distractions by creating white noise. Have soothing, enjoyable scents. Invest in a sturdy and comfortable chair.

Furniture Flow

If you notice you are walking back and forth between certain spaces regularly, consider how to reduce the movement in your office. Be deliberate about how your workspace is designed so that you create maximum efficiency. Decide whether you want your snacks and refreshments further away so you’re forced to stretch your legs. Or make sure your postage stamps aren’t in the supply closet when they could be in your desk.

Putting It All Together

If you don’t step back and take wide-view of your office from time to time, you might notice organization and visual appeal slipping away. Apply these tips to your office and watch how the productivity flows. Having a comfortable and organized workspace allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best and keeps your clients coming back.

Have an office space that needs a little love? Contact our very own interior designer, Tessina, for some Madak design magic –