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Jun 18

Tools For Creating Instagram Ad Stories That Don’t Suck

Instagram has become a viable rival to Snapchat. Why? Users are finding Instagram stories easier to view, and ads on the platform are typically unobtrusive.


If you have an Instagram account, and you’re watching stories from the people you follow, you most likely have come across an ad. An ad looks just like a story and is easily placed within your stream. As you look through your friends’ stories, sometimes you tap through to bypass uninteresting ones, but as you do that, an ad will be inserted as if it were another story for you to watch, but instead of seeing your friend’s cool sunset picture or cute dog video, you will see an ad. Just as easily as it came into your viewing, it can easily be swiped away with a finger. This way of showing ads is very unobtrusive, and users appreciate it.





According to Statista, since the launch of Instagram stories, the number of people using Instagram stories has surpassed Snapchat stories. With more people posting and viewing stories, Instagram ads have a higher chance of yielding positive results for advertisers.


If you want to create an appealing advertisement on Instagram stories to direct traffic to your business, here are a few applications that you can utilize to create that clickable ad:



1. Shakr

This tool lets you create videos with ease by dragging and dropping video clips and photos into a template of your choice that suits your advertisement vision.



2. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post allows you to create compelling video stories in minutes. There is a library of photos, icons and fonts to choose from to fit your style and voice.



Stories ads are a little bit different because some people watch ads with sound and without. Accompanying your video ad with text that follows along enables people who view ads with the sound off to still be able to follow and understand your story.


There are lots of techniques, tips and tricks for making your Instagram ads stick out. With these two tools, you’ll be able to boost the reach of your business by having your own ad for millions of users to see on Instagram.