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Apr 18

Keep Your Website Fresh

A good practice for keeping users interested in your website and instilling confidence in your business, is shuffling some things around every now and again. It tells your audience that the information is current and reliable. It also signals that your website isn’t an after-thought, and that you value how you interact with your customers. Here are some ideas for keeping your website fresh, and up-to-date.


Social Media Feed

Embed your Instagram feed directly into your website – preferably on your homepage if it suits your brand identity. This allows content to update automatically every time you post to your Instagram account – keeping your website active and current.









Having a blog is important because it shows your area of expertise and that you are knowledgeable about topics within your industry. It also helps to increase SEO and drive traffic to your website. This happens from continuously pushing out original content—which Google loves—and in return, your website is ranked higher in the Google search engine results.






Look at Stats

This might seem like a no-brainer, but looking at who is visiting your website—or who isn’t—can be incredibly valuable. Letting stats and metrics drive your content creation (instead of just relying on your ‘gut’) is a great way to drive your business forward. Look at the stats for your content and see which posts are receiving the most engagement and which ones are not. From there, try experimenting with different content mixes (or formats!) to engage your audience.





Change Your Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing visitors see, and is responsible for the first impression of your business. It is also the first chance to showcase who you are and why visitors should care. When you’re considering a refresh, don’t worry about always having to do huge redesigns. Even the smallest tweaks can make a noticeable difference to the feel and look of your webpage. Swapping out old graphics, changing the color scheme, updating your business motto, these little changes can be enough to show your users that your website isn’t static.




Of course, there are many websites out there that do need that complete redesign. There are many services out there that you can take advantage of to help you create a perfect website for your business. Sitting down and talking with an expert and explaining the goals of your new website is the best solution in creating something that you envision for your business. Many small business owners lack the skillset (and time) to produce a modern, completely user-friendly website. Investing in time with an expert is a good idea, and can help take your business to the next level.