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Feb 09

Why Use Instagram For Your Business

Instagram is the social platform best known for its display of images. This platform can provide a visual identity for your personal or professional needs. When it comes to professional use of Instagram, visuals are what drives consumers’ decisions to buy or use products or services. Out of other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram garners the most engagement for brands.

There is no one secret formula to getting your business immediate exposure and large engagement, but there are plenty of great tips and tricks out there that can help build your brand’s online identity over time.


Post Relevant and High Quality Photos

Quality photos will make your business look more professional, credible and appealing to your specific audience. If possible, investing in a high-quality camera or a professional photographer to take photos of your brand, product, services, etc. can help your business look cohesive and professional.


Post Regularly and During Optimal Times

Keeping a consistent posting schedule will show your audience that your business cares about keeping its audience current and up to date with news and any updates to your business each day. Also, understanding your audience and specific social media use can help decide what the best times and days are to post to receive the most engagement. You can do this by using Instagram’s built-in analytics or use a third-party application. Most third-party applications can provide more in-depth insights than the built-in one on Instagram, but most of the time it will cost you because of the special features. There are other analytics tools out there that are free, but only give you limited insights— most of the time you have to pay to get the full benefits.

Here are some third-party applications that you can use to gather audience insights on your Instagram:



Hootsuite is known for keeping track of multiple platforms all in one place and its ability to schedule and create posts right from the dashboard for publishing—no need to open up a separate app to write a post! Along with that, Hootsuite is able to measure the performance of your accounts and individual posts as well, tracking trends and measuring growth.

Price: Free for one user and up to 3 social media accounts; advanced plans vary has the ability to measure audience growth and hashtags, optimize content, provide Instagram Story insights and much more. This application provides clear, in-depth insights into how your account and posts are performing. It also provides gender and a geographical location of where your followers are coming from.

Price: Varies with plan


Iconosquare allows you to track the activity of your posts, manage content, schedule and publish posts, and also lets you search for influencers. The unique features it offers can help your business grow by allowing you to see which followers engage the most with your posts, who follows and unfollows you and recognizes which influencers have engaged with your posts.

Price: Ranges from $9/month for starters to $39/month for small businesses


Engage Your Audience

It might seem easy to post a photo every day, but posting a photo and receiving engagement on it as well can be difficult. You want to post content that will be beneficial to your audience and also get your audience talking about your business on your platform. You have to understand what kind of posts will keep your audience engaged and what will get them to share your business’s posts on their personal social platforms. Posting things such as new deals or special offers could be incentive for people to repost, or staying current with trends can help generate more likes and traffic to your post as well.