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Jul 09

Why You Should Learn To Code

In the world of technology today, it seems like everyone knows how to code, which might leave you feeling a bit left behind. Learning to code might seem daunting, but it isn’t as complicated as you think. The stigma behind programming is that you have to have grown up with computers and understand how they work, and be good at math etc.—make no mistake, those things help—but anyone can learn to program if they want to, regardless of their background.

Programming not only teaches you about the technical side of how computers work, but it can also open up new ways of thinking and can actually benefit you in other areas of your life.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is not only about knowing how to write copy, understand different digital platforms or analyze consumer statistics, but it can also require having some kind of knowledge of HTML coding or CSS for blogs and websites. The language of HTML is used for front-end developing (how websites look/are presented) rather than back-end, which is more focused on how the computer works and functions.

Knowing HTML in marketing is a plus because you will be able to change the scheme of the page, color, text, etc. without having to hire someone else to do it for you (who may not know exactly the look and feel you are going for.)

Teaches You To Think Differently
Programming definitely takes a lot of patience and problem solving, which might seem like a fun challenge to some, while completely irritating to others. Programming will not just provide you with technical knowledge, but will also teach you to approach other problems in your life in another way.

Learning to program can help make you a better planner and also boost your attention to detail. Usually when you have a program in mind, you have to plan and visualize from beginning to end of what you want your program to do, then once that plan is in place, you know the direction you want to go in and the steps to take.

While programming, it can be easy to have misplaced a period or a missing bracket, which can cause your whole entire program to fail—yikes! So paying attention to every little detail is important. Applying this to any other job or project you are working on, attention to detail will help you not make as many mistakes and also might help you finish a project more quickly!

Another thing people often fail to consider about programming, is that there are many different paths to the same goal. For example, if you were changing the font size of all the headers on your website, you could go in and add “font-size” tags to each and every header on your website. But if you did this, any time you wanted to change the look or style of your brand, you would have to go back and change all of that code. A better way to do this, would be to set a “rule” so your website would know to display all “headers” in a specific font size. Learning to look for elegant solutions in coding, is good practice for making efficient and “future-proof” decisions in the rest of your work.

Opens Up New Opportunities
With all of this in mind, coding can also help open up new opportunities professionally and personally. Just because you don’t have a degree in computer science doesn’t mean you don’t have the skills to be a programmer. There are lots of different online programs and courses you can take to be certified in a specific coding language. Having some background in coding can help take your career to new heights no matter what kind of job you have. Employees who have a well-rounded skill set are much more valuable.

As I mentioned earlier, you could be a marketer, but having background in coding could land you a different position as a web designer, which makes your skills even more valuable because you can use both of those skills to boost your marketing goals. These are just some ways that coding can be beneficial to your life. There are plenty more reasons why you should learn to code, so why not give it a try and see how it can enhance your life and skills!