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About Madak

We believe in the value
of commitment and the
integrity of a promise.

Our Mission

Provide clients with a sustainable and profound branding strategy through innovative thinking, creativity, and passionate deliverables.

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Meet the team

Adam Kopp

Adam approaches each client with a wide lens – taking in the broad scope of their business culture and identity – from the company’s Mission Statement to the fine details of logo and website visuals and functionalities. Every day, Adam works diligently to teach, train and empower clients. Email

Lizzy Millenaar
Lead Strategist

From marketing, brand development, advertising and communications, Lizzy has spent years working in the marketing field. Lizzy specializes in project management and strategy development with a knack for creating meaningful consumer experiences. Email

Jessica McCready

With experience in the fields of business development, marketing, and training Jessica not only recognizes areas of opportunity within a business framework, but provides creative solutions with a detailed and realistic implementation plan. Email

Tina Kies

As a former marketing director, Tina understands the intricacies of agency-client relations and uses this knowledge to develop impactful marketing strategies that work within the given infrastructure, while still delivering inspired direction and deliveables. Email

Jonathan Yockey

Jonathan takes unique ideas and puts them into the world of coding and website development. With a decade of website development experience, Jonathan ensures that your branding message is clear and understood.  Email

Denny Muia

With a unique blend of journalistic roots and an analytic mind, Denny is a creative problem solver who can dig into complex subjects and emerge with organized and clearly articulated deliverables. Email

Lilly Stenbroten

Lilly speaks the language of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She understands the intricacies of each social media platform and uses this knowledge to help you reach and engage with your market. With a background in visual arts, she has a great eye for composition and consistency. Email

Kelly Bowie

Kelly’s approach to photography is to capture the authentic. Whether it’s a smile, or a just a snap shot of a moment – Kelly’s photos tell stories that go beyond the image and resonate with viewers. She has a passion for photography and an ability to make those in the spotlight feel comfortable. Email

Keegan Holdt

With an intuitive sense behind the camera, Keegan delivers organic and artistic video content that captivates an audience. His deep passion for storytelling coupled with his impressive technical experience allow him to craft professional film projects in a variety of styles. Email

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Logo History

Established 2006

Madak launched in Chicago in 2006 to help brands share their stories in a creative way – using graphic design and an out-of-the-box approach that has become a cornerstone of the business.


Partnered up to launch a full-fledged screen-print shop, thus developing inroads and experience in the world of product development.


Moved the business to the West Coast and continued to focus on creative brand strategies and development.


The Madak brand developed and grew stronger through years of branding and marketing strategy experience and by keeping current on modern communication trends.


Madak launched a full-service agency in the Pacific Northwest – opened the first office, built the team, and is currently changing the world – one amazing client at a time.

2017 – Current

The first Madak icon developed.


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Madak is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

8705 271st Street NW
PO #1426
Stanwood, WA 98292


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the beautiful or impressive quality of something that has been made using a lot of skill.